Saturday, November 30, 2013

How to use our blog

As we've developed more content we thought it made sense to have a short post to describe how we're organizing our information, especially for any educators that want to use our content.  Hopefully it is at least somewhat intuitive, but as we're not web designers, we have the tools that blogspot provides us to organize the blog.

Email updates - This is the best way to keep up with what we're doing, and is located in the upper right on every page of the blog.  If you've signed up, then at the end of every day when we've added content, you'll get an email notification.  If you do sign up, there is one added step that sometimes causes problems.  After you sign up, you will get an almost immediate email verification.  This email often gets caught in junk mail filters.  You have to find this email, and click on the link provided within it.  So, if you don't see it in your email inbox immediately after signing up, check your junk mail.

Where are we now? - This is a map from Travellers Point that we update whenever we move our location.

In The News - We keep links to any articles about us in the press or any articles we've had published.

Photos - We upload some of our best photos to these photo albums.  So far, we've mostly organized them by country.  If you mouse over the photos, you'll see comments we've added to most of them describing the photo.  If you click on a photo, you'll see a full size version of it.

Note, that these photo albums work differently than the email updates, so there is no notification that goes out when new photos are added.  If you would like to be automatically notified, send me an email at  It's quite easy for me to do, but the photo albums are managed through iphoto.

Videos - We're doing a video update, roughly monthly, for Peter Hobart (our kids school) and other classrooms that are following us.  They can be found on this page.

For Teachers - This is targeted at educators that want to use us in some fashion.  As we create more educational content, we've tried to think of a way to provide an index into all of the material.  Plus not all of our posts are educationally focused.  So we created two indexes that we keep up to date that are accessed through this page.  One index is by country and the other is by biome.  The index includes all the contents on both of our blogs (kids and parents) as well as anything we post on The Wilderness Classroom.

Blog Archive - On the bottom right hand side of every page there is a blog archive.  This is a chronological listing of our posts.

Jamie and Jason's blog - Our kids do have their own blog.  The first link underneath the "Important Links" heading goes to their blog.

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