Here are links to photo albums from our trip.  We're organizing them by country, and will add a new photo album as we visit new countries.  If you'd like to be automatically notified when we add new photos, please send me an email at  The photo albums work differently than the general email updates.

Costa Rica (Aug-Sep 2013)
Peru (Sep-Oct 2013)
     Most Peru Pictures
     Animals from the Manu rainforest (Amazon basin)
The Galapagos (Ecuador) (Nov 2013)
Australia (Dec 2013 - Jan 2014)
     West Coast
     East Coast
Vietnam (Jan 2014)
Cambodia (Feb 2014)
India (Feb - Mar 2014)
South Africa (Mar 2014 and May 2014)
Mozambique (Mar 2014)
Botswana (Apr 2014)
Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe & Zambia - (Apr 2014)
Namibia (Apr - May 2014)
Africa Animals Slide Show
Dubai, UAE (May 21, 2014)
Italy (May - June 2014)
Spain (June 2014)
Paris, France (July 2014)
The Netherlands (July 2014)
Norway (except Svalbard) (July-Aug 2014)
Svalbard - The Arctic (July-Aug 2014)

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  1. The most amazing collection of memories!
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