Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mystery Sound #1

We are starting with our educational focused posts that we are sharing with The Wilderness Classroom. Make sure to check out their site, for our content and other great stuff.  We're creating a list of our educational posts on the right side of our blog, to make it easy for educators to find them.

Costa Rica is full of amazing sounds.  When we heard this one, we thought it would make a great mystery sound.  Watch this short video and see if you can guess what is making the mystery sound.

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  1. Hello! How exciting that you are on your journey. It looks like you are enjoying it and learning so much. Your images of Costa Rica are lovely. It is bringing back memories of when I lived there.

    I know the staff and students of PH will enjoy following your journey. We are going to share on our monthly announcements. Would you be open to receiving questions from our students?

    Take care,


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