Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mystery Sound #3

Here's another sound from Costa Rica.

Here are the links for more information from the end of the video (as you can't click them from within the video.  Don't click on these until after you've guessed, as they will give it away.

Link #1 (From the website of "The night tour" - we went on this while in Drake Bay, with Tracy the Bug Lady.  Although it absolutely poured on us, it was fabulous.  We have a mystery photo that will be coming from this tour)

Link #2 (wikipedia)

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  1. I researched howler monkeys, and their sound can be heard for about 3 miles away! Interesting, huh?

    Have you heard one in person? My mom and dad heard several in Tikal, and my mom thought it sounded like a dog growling. I think the monkeys sound like a dying animal!

    What can I do to help create the corridor for the jaguars? That is a great idea!


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